Were You in an Accident With a Semitrailer?

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While all vehicle accidents are serious, colliding with a semitrailer can leave you with life-changing injuries and expensive car damage. With commercial trucks crowding I-77 and I-85, accidents are more likely to occur. If you've been involved in a semitrailer accident, Hunt Law, PLLC will partner you with a personal injury attorney in Charlotte, NC.

Our attorney has more than 12 years of experience practicing law and is a member of the Mecklenburg County Bar Association. You can trust that we'll tirelessly fight for you and give your case the attention it deserves.

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We'll handle every step of the process

We'll handle every step of the process

A lot of financial compensation is riding on the outcome of your case, so you'll want to work with a trusted personal injury attorney. Our firm will craft a strong case by:

  • Gathering all necessary details
  • Reviewing photos of the accident
  • Uncovering the treatment cost for any injuries
After gathering all information, we'll represent you in court. To learn more, set up an appointment with our truck accident attorney today.